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If you haven’t used Photobox, it’s a great way to create books of your digital images. Photobox delivers decent quality books that look professional and the interface is easy to use.

You can even offer your books for sale. (You choose how much you want to add to the price Photobox would charge to print the book for you and they take 10% of that margin. It’s akin to vanity publishing, though, for most of us, sales are rare.)

Similar services have been around for a while now. Vistaprint is another example.

It’s something to consider having available for all sorts of businesses: a book of pictures of successful events you’ve organised or people dancing at your wedding band’s gigs.

If you’re handy with a camera, they can make decent gifts as well. I’ve seen people create personalised books of stories for their kids, or leaving gifts for co-workers. (They also do mugs, cards etc.)

I’ve created three books:

Photo Book One Photobox

Los Angeles and San Francisco Photobox

New York and Boston Photobox

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