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Linking Facebook Pages to Twitter

Linking Facebook with Twitter

Linking Facebook with Twitter

Why on earth would I want to create a Facebook ‘Page,’ I already have a personal Facebook account?

Aside from the obvious reasons such as; you are in a band, you run a business, or you are Zooey Deschanel, you can unlock some handy twitter integration.

If (and only if) you are the administrator of a Facebook ‘Page’ you can link your personal Facebook account with a twitter account. (Only one page administrator can do this).

You can choose to copy e.g. all your status updates to twitter or , as I do, copy only your public status updates. I set this up and it works really well for me.

Now, if I make a Facebook status update public, it’s automatically posted to Twitter, otherwise it’s only posted to Facebook. No fuss.

You can configure this here: Link Facebook to Twitter

Of course, you can go the other way i.e. post Tweets to Facebook, using Twitter’s Facebook app. You can also use 3rd party applications, like HootSuite (which I also use). They can post to multiple sites at once.

But if, like me, you use Facebook often, configuring Facebook to post public updates to Twitter automatically, is a neat solution.

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