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How to Set up Email Forwarding with New Gmail

There seem to be a few posts out there that show how to set up an email forward in the old Gmail interface. I can’t find one for the new Gmail, though.

The old version will soon be gone, so here’s how to do it with the new version. (If you click on a screen shot below, it will open in a new window.)

1. In Gmail, first click the arrow to the right of the gear icon and then click Settings:

2. Click Filters:

3. Click Create a new filter:

4. Enter the parameters for your filter, then click Create filter with this search:

(I’ve set up a filter below to forward emails from that contain the word jackpot but not the word tax.)

5. Select the action you want, then click Create filter:

(I’ve chosen to forward any email that matches the criteria specified in 4. above to a Boxcar email address:

6. And that’s it. The completed filter has been added to my list of filters in Gmail:

(From now on, the filter will forward all emails that match the criteria I specified above, on to the address. Obviously, you can forward to any email address, though.)

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