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Use Boxcar as a Notification Bolt on for ifttt

Using Boxcar as a notification bolt-on for ifttt

I wrote a Tech Post about the Boxcar notification app, a few days ago, you can read that post here. And one about the website ifttt, that links your social media services, you can read that one here. Boxcar is only available for apple mobile devices and Macs, just now but there will be Android and Windows Mobile versions soon.

There is some overlap between what ifttt and Boxcar offer. Some examples are: both can notify you when, certain users tweet, there is a new post on an RSS feed you follow or you’ve received an email from a particular address.

But while Boxcar can set off alerts on your phone, ifttt can’t do that on it’s own.  On the other hand, ifttt can connect with over 40 services. And it won’t just alert you when something has happened, it can automatically reply or take some other action when you get a tweet or an email, for example.

Using Boxcar and ifttt together

There are advantages to using Boxcar and ifttt together. In some cases, you can use ifttt to be more precise about what notifications you receive, as well.

Boxcar can let you know whenever a new item is added to an RSS feed but that could mean you just get far to many alerts. With ifttt, you can set up a task that will send you a Boxcar alert only when an RSS feed contains search terms that you specify.

This task sends me a Boxcar alert – but only when the BBC ‘s Top Story RSS feed posts about the “Olympics.”

The ifttt website is uncluttered, easy to use. It’s also gone for the trendy use few words and large font text approach. That makes it a great place to set up tasks, like ‘each time I tweet, save it to Google calendar, or the other examples above. And Boxcar is great as a way to get audible alerts on your phone, when one of those ifttt tasks runs. It makes sense to use both together.

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