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Get all your News in One App with Google Currents

Google Currents Badge

The Google Currents App is a new magazine reader for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. You can view free newspaper and magazine editions from almost 400 publishers, and all the RSS feeds from your favourite blogs.

Currently, so to speak, available editions include The Independent, National Geographic, Men’s Health, Esquire, The Short List and NME Live. For UK users, Google Currents comes with The Guardian edition already in your library.

There are 14,000 self-produced editions available via RSS feeds. For example, there is a Tech Post Google Currents Edition for this blog.

The Latest Features

It’s easy to add Editions to your Google Currents Library. The catalogue is divided by genre: News, Sports, Lifestyle, Design, Science and Technology, Business and so on. There’s a search function to locate RSS feeds for blogs and other publications.

If you want to see the latest stories, choose Trending on your homepage.  The trending feed can be configured to only include the genres you are interested in.

You can sync to the latest content at any time. This is really useful if you want to read offline, say on the train to work.


Tom Anderson, former President of MySpace

There are feeds from ‘curators’ in the Catalogue. Basically, these are the timelines of influential Google+ users with lots of followers – like Tom Anderson. Remember everybody’s first MySpace friend? That’s him.

It’s not possible to share Google Currents articles via Twitter or Facebook, which is disappointing. It’s a deliberate omission, though and the feature is not likely to be added at a later date.

Google is preciously promoting Google+. The social network is now being tied into many of the the Silicon Valley search giant’s products. And the company is giving no house room to any social media competition.

The Almost Universal Translator

Another nice feature is that you can read foreign newspapers and magazines. Google Currents translates instantaneously into any one of 38 languages. That will help you exercise your Hungarian and Norwegian Bokmal muscles, if you’ve let them get flabby.

Copy that’s been translated into English, from another language, is not an easy read. You do get the gist of most articles, though. When you consider what a mind boggling achievement Google Translate is, the fact that you can understand the stories at all is pretty impressive.

More about Google Currents

This YouTube video explains more about Google Currents:

You can download the Google Currents app for Android devices from Google Play. For the iPhone or iPad it’s available from the Apple App Store via iTunes.

What do you think of Google Currents? Is it a good alternative to Flipbook and Apple’s Newsstand? Why not comment on your thoughts below?

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