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Why You’re Wrong About Google+

Google Plus is a great social media tool. Many people seem to have written it off but here are a couple of reasons why it’s worth paying attention to.

One reason is that it can boost your search engine rankings. US SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and digital design company Tasty Placement conducted some research into which social media activities boost your search engine rankings more.

The study showed that the number of followers you have on Google+ and the number of +1 votes for your site are both more important factors, when it comes to Google ranking, than the number of: Twitter followers you have, retweets you get or shares of your Facebook posts.

Google+ is great

Another reason Google+ is great is the quality of debate in the comments people make in response to posts to the service. Influential Google+ users are starting to realise that they get much better engagement on their Google+ posts than on their own blogs.

I would like to see Google+ be more successful, by drawing in more active users. I do worry a bit, though. Success could bring with it a lot of unwelcome noise like celebrity gossip, Beliebers and lolcats.

Those all have a place but I’d quite like that place to continue to be somewhere else.

What do you think of Google+?

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