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What’s Embedding a Tweet?

When you embed a tweet you add it to the code of a web page. It’s very similar to including a YouTube video in your page.

When you view the detail of a Tweet, in some Twitter mobile apps or on the Twitter site, you can click on “Embed this Tweet”. That generates some HTML web code. You copy that code into the code for your own web page; then the Tweet is displayed within your page when someone views it. That’s what I’ve done to embed the example above:

What do you get?

Tweets appear in a standard format, with the option to re-tweet, reply or favourite. You’ll probably recognise them: you’ve seen them on blogs and news sites. They’re perfect when you want to quote a specific Tweet within an article. It’s slicker than just quoting the text. It gives your reader an option to join the conversation or follow the person you are quoting.

This contrasts with displaying your last n tweets on a site (where n is a number you specify). The Tech Post has a list of my recent tweets at the bottom right of each page. That mechanism doesn’t show options for re-tweeting etc. so it has a different purpose.

(Thanks to June Fraser of Becaon Law and DABRadioShop who gave me the idea for this post.)

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