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5 Reasons to Use the Task App for To-do Lists

Task is beautifully designed and brilliantly simple. It’s an iPhone and iPad app from the small French company Nuage Touch. Here are five reasons I love it.

1. It’s Easy to Use

Nuage really understand gesture-based interaction with touch screens, so Task makes it much easier to organise your to-do list. They have taken the task app genre (of which there are many examples), reduced clutter and made it faster to use.

Each action is triggered by a different gesture:

  • Create a new task by pinching two existing tasks apart.
  • Mark a task complete by swiping across it to the right.
  • Delete a task by swiping across it to the left.
  • Press on a task to edit it
  • Do a long press on a task to change it’s position in the list

2. It’s Easy to Work With

The app shows today’s items, in chronological order, starting from the bottom of the screen. So, in a way, previous tasks are off screen below the device and future tasks off screen above it. You can scroll up and down through current and planned tasks.

If you pull up from the bottom of your timeline, you can access tasks you completed on previous days. If you pull down from the top, you can scroll through tasks planned for subsequent days. This is another example of Nuage Touch assigning every possible gesture to a different action. It simplifies the display.

Pressing on an item lets you edit its details, including the day its due and the task description. A long press on a task ‘selects’ it and you can move it up or down the list.

3. It Doesn’t Know What Clutter is

There are only four things that define a task. You can enter a description, the day it is due, optionally highlight it as important, and set a reminder if you want. That’s it.

You only have one task list and there are no tags, categories or other clutter.

4. It Has Optional Reminders

You can set a day and time to be reminded of a task, either when you create or edit it, but it’s optional. The calendar appears and disappears with a nice concertina effect.

5. It’s Quick to Learn

When you first use Task there are a few help screens to get you started. This approach works really well. The app also comes with some tasks created. These explain how it works e.g. “pinch apart to create” and “this task is important”. The latter has a little yellow highlight bar, on the right hand side.

It takes about a minute of playing to become a Task power user.

Get Started

You can download Task from Apple’s App Store here for £0.69 ($0.99). The YouTube video below shows Task in action.

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