the tech post

This blog is about technology, software and social media. It's aimed as much towards 'normal' people as the tech savvy. The author is Tony Gallacher.


I’m an IT Consultant. Most of my experience is as a software developer and project manager.

I write about technology and social media. I’m particularly keen to cover practical uses. I’m less likely to write ‘here’s this cool new whizmo’ as I am to write about how you can use Whizmo better.

I live in the Glasgow area of Scotland, so I also like to cover technology in use locally; by both people and companies.

I also do some freelance writing and am always looking for interesting topics to cover as features.

That said, you’ll probably find I often segway into whatever topic interests me at the time. That might be the odd photo; probably the odd photo I’ve just taken.

(Except where stated, all photographs and images posted on this blog are the property of Tony Gallacher.)

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